Cosplay: Kimi ni Todoke

Have you ever felt so near with someone special to you but yet he/she seems… so far?
Now here goes my final album for last Sunday’s shoot.
Kimi ni Todoke with Crossover.

Ow Sorry ’bout that 😐  wrong album cover, I must have drop an eyelid when I uploaded that LOL.
Seriously. Here it goes 🙂

One of the cutest anime I have watched. Its cute and frustrating at the same time, maybe because the main character’s actions and projections are so strong audiences tend to be carried away.
Its about normal highschool students, experiencing love and affection for opposite genders. Discovering true friendship and meeting unexpected foes. Makes me feel nostalgic and I suddenly missed my highschool days 🙂
Anyways, lets get down to the proper shoot. Second cosplay that day  (first was with Eugene)  and 4th for my photography practice.  I wasn’t mentally prepared for these characters but I somehow manage to pull some of it. I don’t know with you guys but I hope you will like it.
Collaborating with Jugatsu once again, here’s Kimi ni Todoke, From me to you.

Raikee as Kuronuma Sawako
Jason as Shota Kazehaya
Shin as Ume “Kurumi” Kurumizawa

Lacey as Maru (Pedro Martinez)

Photo ad Processing by:  Me 

Personal favorite were the last 2 photos 🙂
Some photos were inspired and taken from specific scenes in the anime like the ones where Sawako and Kurumi are holding hands, part where Kurumi asks Sawako for support for her love with Kazehaya. And that “always” waiting of Kazehaya by the road.
We will try to have Ayane, Chizuru and Ryu some other time.
Thank You guys.
“It’s like a dream… I have finally reached you.”

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