Photography: Rock Glam Chick by Jade

Second album of last Sunday’s shoot. Rock Glam Chick exclusively envisioned by Jade.
As the title itself suggests, the shoot is about girls rocking the fashion world and yet still looking glamorous. Not just chick BTW, this can be for boys also.
Models:  Raikee, Shin, Sheila and Jason
Concept Director:  Jade
Make-up & Outfits:  Jade
Photo and Processing by:  Yours truly 🙂

Location:  Von’s abused wall (don’t ask why 😐 ..)

Last photo, meet and greet the brain of this concept, Jade ~!! with her lovely Models from Jugatsu and Sheila form Hitsuzen (and Lacey too !! )
Well Von thank you for your house’s wall 🙂 despite being overused still it has been very useful to us.
To Jade, you have such wonderful idea 🙂 I really thought you were  joining the shoot as well but maybe next time then?
That ends the Rock Glam Chick shoot. Next and last album is Kimi ni Todoke with lots of trolls and crossover 🙂 So watch out.
Till then and thanks for reading.

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