Cosplay: Bon Clay Okama

Hello again 😀 I present another Cosplay blog for this month.
I give you my co-Hitsuzen core member, Von cosplaying as Bon Clay from One Piece.
Bon Clay first appeared in the on going series as a sweet villain kind of way.  He is an Okama  (a term for homosexuality in Japan) by nature and he shows it a LOT. He dances and moves like a ballerina and I am personally fond of his way of tongue.
He also has this close attachment with Luffy and so we decided to add him in the picture. We literally used Luffy as a human props because we were not prepared for his appearance. No straw hat and proper slippers D: . And our Luffy was Chinese  (Sorry for that haha !!).  Anyways we do really appreciate the help Vench :D.
This was Von’s costume entry during the first Animotion Convention wayback in 2010.  Took him a long time to do a formal shoot for this one before finally “disposing” it.
This is my second Cosplay Shoot and I am still feeling reluctant with the outcomes but anyways lets get down to the proper photos.
Photo and Processing by:   Me

Re-posting my Luffy key chain from Mac~ 😀
The Bamboo stunt was epic and the Simba O_O (will post it in Facebook 😀 )
Hope you like it Von 😐 Till next post !!

This Sunday I’m booked again !! Praaaaactice !!


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