Photo Diary: Bon Clay !! Outtakes

And so we did another shoot last Sunday. The weather was gloomy but nonetheless, dry 😀
Tried my fresh Fisheye lens and Vivitar PN2011 for the first time.
Discovered new sanctuary in Villa Angela which I find ideal for future shoots. The whole area was green and the bamboos are godly !!
Dunno but was very attracted with flowers around me that time. I kept falling behind them on our way to the venue because of my stop overs XD
And I realized how lifeless this blog is D: I need to put some life in here, like nature and environmental beauties so I will do more earth friendly shots next time !!
This was my favorite shoot so far, because Von’s character of choice was awesome. Bon Clay from One Piece.
Funny how we “literally” used Luffy as props and for display purposes ONLY.
LSS (last song syndrome) with, “Oh Sheila..”
Rolled a lot in grasses, and it was itchy 😐 Received a kawaii~ Luffy keychain from Mac, who just arrived from Cebu where he attended a University Cosplay Con. (Thank You Mac 😀 You really know I supah love Luffy !! )
Bought a new book and shirts with free doodle art notebooks. I spent too much again D:
Watched Journey 2 after, which I did not enjoyed much LOL. The story was fine of course since it was adapted from a good book, only thing is, the set up where so full of CG’s, it turned out to be overrated. Probably the movie itself was suited better with 3D viewing.
And most importantly, heard a very sensitive story that is worth remembering for. Wasn’t much of a shock anymore but, confirmations are necessary.
Some post photos of the shoot were already posted in my DeviantART and the remaining will be posted here so just watch out.
Thanks !!
(I have this feeling that my Sundays from now on will be oh so full !! 😀 )

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