Whatnot Diary: Downtown Thursday

First post for February 😀 and I kinda miss posting like this, just the “whatever happened this day stuffs”. I have been posting non-stop and recently about photoshoots and travels!! Its too serious this blog needs some dose of fun and colors~ and love :O

Dear Month of Love, Month of Hearts or whatever you call it. Give me and my boys some good time okay? And you know exactly what I want~ No. Not a date (doh). XD
Now, starting off this month with a bunch of my whatnot’s. I went out unplanned and ended up spending too much. D: Bought a lot of food, and when I say a lot. IT’S A LOT. My impulsiveness has taken over me once again :(. First time I tried swiping my savings account and it failed me big time 🙂 Oh well. I was exposed to X-ray today. Yes, literally the machine where you get to see your lungs. I needed it for my green card (K. Will skip on that part).

Glutton is glutton. Bought 6 pieces @_@ and it really pays to read D: I didn’t know there were drinks for each pizza..and..so..I got to have 6 sodas as well ;_; LOL. #stupidisstupid. But despite having 6 drinks already I still bought Nescafe Freeze ahahaha~ 😀 Awesome caffeine is awesome~

I lost my original iSound Lego speakers D: Good thing I found these a while ago in CD-R King, though not as perfect as the original but then its a Lego anyway so I’m happy ^_^
I was supposedly on my way out of the mall when I saw this book from the corner of my eye !! And yes I told myself there’s NO WAY I’d miss this. I have been passing NBS almost everyday but its just today that I get to see something GOOD for my eyes (since Vampire Academy) 😀
Haruki Murakami, one of the best authors I have read and adored. He’s story lines are very unique and he’s Japanese! I have been searching for 1Q84 for months now :D. Even in online shops it was hard looking for one so I was really surprised! I also have Kafka on the shore, Blind Willow, After Dark, and the other one you see in the picture, Norwegian Wood.
More rolls to go~ Fresh gold films for Dmitri. 😀
Girlie skins for my Lappy’s.
Study says peanuts are healthy for the brain so lets dig in :p
I remember I used to eat this a lot when I was in Manila for my NLE review 😀 (I guess it worked XD)


And boy, what a mess D:
And this is just a half quarter of the whole thing @_@ I promise I am cleaning this weekend ;_;
I wonder how fun Feb will be.. 😀

7 thoughts on “Whatnot Diary: Downtown Thursday

  1. BUNGGA!BEYYYGA! Amazing!
    Unplanned adventures – awesome and takes a lot of money, MUHAHA!. Good thing you didn't invite me coz you'll end up buying me free food since I'm broke.

    XD Nice set Elle! I expect more of this kind of posts 🙂

  2. Yohohoho~ Nuu free food this month LOL everyone's broke 😀 and I still have a pending gift for you @_@ ahahaha can we even consider it as a gift? LOL That was “forced” ahahaha!!!

    Anyways, Thanks a bunch Ban 😀

  3. hahahaha, we're all broke… what an adventure indeed yuu. hahahaha, let's dig in for free foods this month. haha, 6 sodas plus Nescafe Freeze, hasn't you're stomach got upset?! wahhhh

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