Travel Diary: Dinagsa 2012 (Cadiz City)

We’re taking you to NORTH side this time around 😀
Another travel post (and spam) for this month 🙂 And its just January~ There are 11 more months to go.~!
I have clearly explained myself about this and that when it comes to traveling with my previous Travel Post so I think long introductions are not so necessary this time.
We invaded Cadiz City and explored its colorful festival, DINAGSA.
To know more about Cadiz City you can read it HERE.
I specifically planned out the flow of my photos for this post for I will not explain by words.
I will let my photos talk to you and let it show you what is Dinagsa all about.
I am hoping that you will feel what I felt as well. By these pictures I want to share how colorful and playful this festival is 🙂 Enjoy. \(^▽^@)ノ 

Thank You friend Rey for carrying us all through out and of course for the free food 😀
Met new acquaintances, Kris and Chad.
Sip a bit of Milo and Coffee before setting out in the sea of colors.
Been slammed hard with paint a million times. I think they hate my face LOL.
Having a hard time protecting my 2 babies, Yuuno (Nikon D90) and Dmitri (Canon A1) from all the splashes of colors everywhere. I slightly failed as a mother to them. Dmitri’s UV filter broke! And Yuuno had some minor paint stain and the LCD cover got a few scratches. 😦
United with Ban and company after lunch and that’s when the true fun started.
Was confused between Caltex and Petron >_<
So many cuuuuute guys LOL.
Plain cars transformed into printed. O_O
I love my very first Dinagsa T-shirt souvenir~ having all the colors I needed 😀
Borrowed Alvi’s bathroom for a while to clean my messed up self 🙂 and free food again from mama when I went back to civilization~
And I’m sorry I missed NGC: Henshin though I said I’ll be going 😦
Cadiz for my first time, I enjoyed very much. I salute you for making it something worth coming back for!
See ya next year.
Question: Am I improving? Or not? :O

9 thoughts on “Travel Diary: Dinagsa 2012 (Cadiz City)

  1. I didn't thought that you're coming! Glad to see you there! Hahaha UNPLANNED ADVENTURES ARE AWESOME! XD

    Haha These wonderful photos are proof of fun all day at Cadiz!!!! XD

  2. Just don't forget to link me in 😀 I really appreciate the visit here and Dinagsa was really fun~ I tried capturing every moment that puts emphasis on what the festival is all about 😀

  3. Hi Sinner,

    Yes Id gladly link your blog back from the Entry Post. I really like checking out your blog since I am a photo enthusiast myself.

    Thanks for sharing your moments, and will re-share them on the portal as well, to entice more people of the unique dinagsa tradition of “Lamhitanay”.


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