Photo Diary: Vocaloid Shoot Outtakes

I trolled a lot the day before the shoot LOL.
Road trip to Panaad Park/Stadium (where Azkals played last year) for a random Vocaloid Shoot (collab between Jugatsu and Hitsuzen) :). Post product photos will be posted in my DeviantART and here also (that will be after Dinagsa I guess).
Discovered some new BROMANCE in the air.
Saw people jogging, warming up, playing, practicing and jumping jumping.
Enjoyed Von’s trolling (music) video with our Photo subjects.
Panaad gave us a very relaxing aura, tress dancing in the wind. Feels like you could just sit and lay there as much as you want.
Lots of failed falling leaves shot. Still having a hard time manipulating motions.
Been a long time since I last saw amorseco 🙂
Crawled and climbed everywhere to get better picture and angles.
Frogs where spectating silently. Thought we saw a white horse (turned out to be a COW. moo~)
I think I can be a good paparazzi photographer LOL.
Ate sushi maki, pizzas and iced candy 🙂
And re-watched Underworld with the boys afterwards. David was HOT. Ikr Von :3
Thanks for inviting me 🙂 Hope I get to have another trip like this with you guys. Well then, goodnight for now (because its 11:55pm) since I need to be up early tomorrow for Dinagsa which will be my next spam post! Yohohoho.
P.S: I wasn’t really planning to put watermarks on every single photos I post here in my beloved blog but I happen to have experienced recently those common problems photographers encounter if you know what I mean. So there you go 😦
Just one simple request for those involved in each post I have. You are free to grab here but please do take note that MY PHOTOS are not to be altered in any means and some credits if you don’t mind. I presume we are clear on that?
Thank You~

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