Hitsuzen Diary: Bacolaodiat 2012

Its the year of the WATER DRAGON and I’m a Dragon Kid :3
This is how we celebrate Chinese New Year in Bacolod City (except for the last photo. Don’t mind that :D)
Cosplayed as usual, last year we were grouped as Rurouni Kenshin but this year it was random Chinese/Japanese costumes. But originally, the group was supposed to be in Shinsengumi but failed once more. To think that only 2 out of the many did Hakuoki :(.
On the other side of Visayas, Iloilo is celebrating Dinagyang~
Had sore eyes so I didn’t join the cosplay, just a weeabo photographer lingering around them last night.
Enjoyed the night with Jugatsu and Tinta Productions.
Envied those who were able to ride the segway >_<… Reunited with Pollen-Kun.
Lots of blurry photos and photobombers @_@. Missed the fireworks because of Chowking.
Someone lost their digital camera. Saw some nipples, K-On/Toradora addict, and abless stomach O_o
Detoured from the crowd to do a quick shoot. Photos are in my DeviantART.
All in all, it was definitely a fun fun night!
Kung Hei fat Choi~(´エ`●)

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