Travel Diary: Sinulog 2012 (Kabankalan)

We’re going SOUTH.

Yesterday I had my first ever Sinulog adventure with my Cosplay friends, Hitsuzen. Yes, this is my first experience of attending festivals outside Bacolod City. Sad it may sound but it is my reality. I am an adventurous person if given a “proper” chance but because of my father’s pre-historic beliefs I have been “restricted” for quite a long time. Not being able to do such things is very sad indeed considering my age and generation but I do not hate my father for that. Hate is such a  harsh description and he is my papa and I know he only wants the best and safest for his only daughter and child. (Guess this explains why? :} )

Now then, I was OF COURSE very happy that he did let me go (though he’s actually getting soft by and by). I believe papa is also training himself to learn the art of letting go for he and I knows that there will come  a day that I will have to go my own path whether he likes it or not (I’m just too good that I do not disobey him XD). Anyways, so there you go, my happiness yesterday was irreplaceable and thank you pops, :).

Sinulog Festival is Kabankalan’s City celebration of honoring the Sto. Nino. Other places in the Philippines also happen to have festivals that give honor to Sto. Nino under different festive name such as Ati-Atihan of Aklan, Dinagsa of Cadiz, Sinulog (also) of Cebu, Dinagyang of Iloilo and many more.

Kabankalan is a more or less 2 hour trip from Bacolod. The city is considered to be one of the few industrialized places in Negros Occidental.
To know more about Kabankalan City, its history and famous landmarks, you can read it HERE.

Made our way to the city’s plaza

One thing about this festival that amazes me is the “lamhitanay”, in which they “insert VERB here” greases or charcoal in your face or clothes! So better be prepared and be a sport since its just for fun.
Squeezing ourselves in the pool of spectators to get a view of the parade.
Though they are letting visitors and tourists to go in the center of the street and take pictures it was still quite tough to aim properly 😐
“Gurang” means Old
And here we go with the hunt for Shota-con XD
Since Von mentioned it, curiosity came across me as well.
How do they read that? O_O
Mayor Isidro P. Zayco of Kabankalan. (Guy in the center)
Saw Thurgood (grade school batch mate) and gang.
Kids are mostly the ones smudging people with dirt XD
Inasal for lunch~
And we are definitely getting dirtier every minute~ lol
Charmed by Nate’s shade. Very useful if you need a mirror :3
Souvenir for Sai~
Thrift booths and shops were everywhere but we didn’t have much energy for it 😐
Last of our Sinulog adventure was a ride in Ferris wheel :3 (Insisted by me)
I missed that feeling where your intestines is like twirling every time the Ferris goes down ~ LOL
Not so bad for my first Travel post! This also concludes our 2012 Sinulog in Kabankalan. I hope no one got annoyed with my spam 😦 I tried minimizing the photos but..THERE WAS JUST TOO MANY GOOOOD STUFFS~ I can’t help it 😀
There are few pictures left actually but I decided to spam it in another post since those were a bit off theme from Sinulog XD You’ll see soon WHY~ 😀
I am definitely having a good start with 2012, I hope good vibes will keep on coming~ I am happy and satisfied for my January.
Thank You~

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