Photography: Sinulog 2012 EPIC Trolling

Do not be deceived.
The people you will be seeing in this post are trained professionals to do shoot in the street without hesitation. No matter what you will make them do, they will POSE definitely.
RESTRICTIONS: The following photos are not for the faint heart. (connection?)
Okey I think that was a bit overrated for an introduction 😐 Forgive me for the high dosage of cocoa I had lately that cause me to write like this D:<
Now. We would like to share to you how to pose like a VOGUE model. (with an echo in the background)
(Serious talk) These were the extra photos we had during our Sinulog get away yesterday. And as I said on the earlier post, that this was an off theme for the festival so we will dump it HERE.
Starting off with this.
The TEXTMATE (guess why is that the title :D)
I seriously love how the huge tree looked from afaaar.

I thank you Von for teaching me the trick to jump shot.
(watch for the green light, k :D)

(The red guy was like, ”O_o”)

From here on I AM SPEECHLESS. Everything will be:


The Nape.

Seductions and a like…

Duck lips? O_O

Aww. That. That’s it were done D:
Trolling like a boss in Kabankalan~ Let our photos speak for themselves 🙂

Leaving you with this,
“Hari ng Relipan”

Now Showing.

(and I am spamming like a boss here as well XD)


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