Analog Diary: Through the Years

That moment when I press and hear the shutter sound, the feeling is irreplaceable.”

Okey. So I finally decided to buy a Polaroid and yes I am one of those analog enthusiast out there. I support the  SAVE THE Polaroid PROJECT. I still appreciate those eras where digital is not the main stream. And one more thing I’d like to try in the future is having my own dark room (which is impossible as of the moment due to lack of “proper” space in our home). I want to try those stuffs I only see in the movies. I was also thrilled by the idea of filling a portion of my wall with all those Polaroid shots I will be taking! Yay I am in euphoria!

Meet my dear Polaroid, TORI. (because she’s red. Sentai fans you’ll understand why)
She’s a PX 600 Cool Cam in yummy RED.

My 8 year old cousin said its a Transformer (○`ε´○)

Isn’t she beautiful? (●´∀`●)

And this is her fresh film from Impossible Project.
This is a Silver Shade +UV edition (black and white), the Color Shade which I will be buying soon is currently out stock so I had to stick with this but its pretty as well.

This is what I intended to buy next time.
PX 680 Color Shade First Flush

And a Film Storage Box Twin Pack to keep my memories safe and sound.

(Both Photos are owned by Impossible Project)

Opening it like a 4 year old child excited with her birthday present~
I was expecting some funny message like the usual’s I see on the net (ex: “What is the color of ORANGE?“) but wasn’t lucky enough. I only got a guitar (with an echo on the background..)  ;_;

I am both excited and nervous for my first exposure. A dear friend suggested to make it a very memorable one, something special, hmmmm. Personally I would say that the prices are not very friendly to think that your $21.99 is only worth of 8 exposures so make sure of your shots. But if you really love analogs then you’d understand why spend so much for it, right? 🙂

These “bakas” are the ones who made my life special and one ride of a troll for the past 2 years.
My cosplay group, Hitsuzen.

(Above L-R: Kai, Von, Paolo, Mac
Below L-R: Sai, Ban, Vench)

Other than this awesome Polaroid, I also adore Film SLR’s.
A Nikon FM2 with a 35mm Micro Manual Lens (but I already sold him a couple of weeks ago) because I was planning to buy a new one. I was supposed to have a Minox DCC 5.1 but because I couldn’t make up my find faster I LOST the opportunity and now I am in vain. Also interested with Canon A1. Gah so many wishlist :(.
Would love to replace my Nikon FM2 with Nikon N80 AF though it’s a bit difficult to get my hands on it because everything’s on bid but I will have it eventually. I just need to keep on trying, keep on bidding!~

It was fun scanning all the films except for those inconsiderate Photo Labs who doesn’t give a damn about your negatives! A lot of my films were destroyed or damaged because of mishandling. A friendly message to all Photo Labs out there please do take good care OUR negatives. It might mean nothing to you but it is our memories that we entrust in your hands. So please be careful. (*mumbles* that’s why I want to have my own dark room)

One of the many photos I’ve taken with this FM2
My beloved Tigger having his time on top of a toilet bowl, may you rest in peace love.
(I can’t seem to find the original size of this one)

And there you have it. My adventure with my analog babies. I will have more reviews and photos with the Polaroid and N80 and the Diana too! Remember my Christmas wishlist? I really need to save up double time! Work my a** big time! XD

Let us not forget those things in the past because they are the ones that we should be thankful of whatever we have right now in the present and soon in the future. Let us treasure and continue to appreciate the works and memories they have shared through the years. They might be old, rusted and dusted but they can never be replaced.


2 thoughts on “Analog Diary: Through the Years

  1. This is awesomesauce. <3
    One of the best days in January was when we guys reunited at Von's place. 🙂
    Everything was like in the past. <3

    Glad to meet Momoka as well! and thank you for making it so memorable not only to you, but also for us 🙂

    <3<3<3 heartspam

    and oh! I saw TOTO MERCHANDISING ❤

  2. Blogger says 1 COMMENTS. Oh yea~
    Anyways I was gonna say wow you read that? But then I remember yea, you saw me wearing that the day earlier =_=
    Momoka wants moooooore :3 and so as Squalle >:|

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