Outfit Diary: A Journey to the Forest

I was enchanted by the smell of the mosses around and decided to lay my blanket there and have a nice cup of tea.”

Mori Girl fashion recently emerged in 2007 in Japan. Mori means “forest” in Japanese, and the style concept is “a girl who looks like she is living in the forest”. The look is natural & earthy. The fictional archetype was declared as being the character of Hagu from Honey & Clover. The actual archetype of Mori Girl fashion is the actress Yuu Aoi, who as a matter of fact played Hagu in the Honey & Clover movie in 2006. Mori girl has developed not only as a style, but as a lifestyle as well! Quirky girls who love vintage clothing, pocket watches, tea, moss or going snooping in the grandma’s attic will feel right at home in this fashion style. Although mori girl is natural, it does not mean it is simple! Mori girl does have a little bit of complexity to it.

Our group Shoot of Honey and Clover

Definitely on my top list.

I had to say that this is my official fashion for 2012 (and for the rest of my young adult years). I am not good with fashions and I don’t look good in any except for this one I guess. Love at first sight, if I have to describe what is Mori to me. Its not much but its really really pretty. Even before I stumbled into this subculture, my fashion taste was already “almost” similar to this. I am into Lolita which is pretty similar (though not entirely) with Mori since they both have laces and the sweet category. Not only me but my family has a hobby of collecting vintage and antique stuffs which made me love Mori in an instant because of its vintage touch. I do wear long skirts and winter clothes even under the sun! And some friends kept on saying why on earth am I wearing such clothes when its so HOT! XD


Starting off with some thrift garments I bought. I love “ukay-ukay”. I don’t care if its cheap, as long as its pretty why not. When it comes to fashion it does not necessarily mean “brands” right?
I call this piece, Chondria, because of its design which looks like mitochondria (and don’t make me start on that.)
The Tiger Lily pieces (with an “s” because there’s 2 of them in different shades). Personally picked by mom.
You’ll probably have a clue why I named it “Tiger Lily” if you know her. This one is in Blue while the other is gray.
These are actually my cosplay boots but I find the brown lace one, acceptable. Don’t you think?
I have other shoes as well, suitable for Mori. I am currently waiting for my creepers to arrive this mid month.
And the trinkets and charms of course~
I will try to gather more. They say gold is better for Mori, but I do love silver ones as well. So either will do anyway.
I will not be posting a photo of myself yet in Mori because I am not quite ready as of the moment. Probably soon together with my friend Ban, who has been infected recently. About the hair, usual Mori girls have hair colors but I have to reconsider this one. I don’t have a perfect hair but mine is acceptably nice and dyeing seems to ruin most of the hairs so I don’t know. I’ll just probably wear wigs of sorts. Yes hopefully.
森でお会いしましょう! :)

11 thoughts on “Outfit Diary: A Journey to the Forest

  1. Nice read.
    I do somewhat relate to this as well. I love vintage stuffs just like you. I love your choice w/ the clothes. It may look simple but if you take a closer look, you'll get to see how intricate the design is. So amazing Yuu!

    and yes, thanks for spreading the Mori disease. Haha XD looking forward for a Mori-full 2012~ <3<3

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