Photoblog Diary: Anemone Lust (Overloaded Christmas Party)

Better late than never~
Everyone’s been busy last month so we didn’t get to have a chance in scheduling our Christmas party  for December and so instead decided to move it on January.
Ate at Rib Breaker where Kris almost broke her shoes O_O. Exchange gift noisily like no other costumers were there. 😀 Took pictures like no one cared. Laughed at each other gifts. Post celebrated Jenny and Khristine’s birthday. Missed Vicki :(. Jammed in Giq’s car. Transferred to Bob’s and continued. XD Laughed our hearts out.
Happy 2012 Overloaded.

5 thoughts on “Photoblog Diary: Anemone Lust (Overloaded Christmas Party)

  1. Nice photoset! I feel like reminiscing now upon seeing these photos. 🙂 Are they your college friends, Yuu?
    I love the way you did w/ the colors.

    2 thumbs up!

  2. Thanks Ban!~ Thank you for being a wonderful reader here ^_^. Yes they are my college friends and classmates. And I love this kind of colors too. Its fun to look at~ yay :3

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