Whatnot Diary: Lazy Sunday.

Woke up very very late today, got only my coffee to comfort me. I feel so useless. 😦 And all these issues are still crawling up my nerves its so depressing. Oh gad.
It was raining cats and dogs too! I wish the rain could just wash away all these hate that I harbor. /urami

Anyways this is not a hate blog so will leave it like that.
So mama and I went to our usual schedule on Sundays. Church. Mall. Food. Food. More food.
I was tempted to buy this cute danglers of McDonald (though I originally wanted the coffee but WAS OUT OF STOCK).
The Double Cheeseburger. (I wonder how does the coffee looks like :(..)

We love mugs. Or we just love coffee O_O.

I get to see again my beloved VA booooks too. How I’ve missed you guys. They were borrowed from me and funny how I accidentally infected my friends Khristine and Cedric in reading the books XD

I’m going to reread I think. The sequel, Bloodlines is already out in the market but Bacolod you are seriously slow. Do you have to make me spend shipping fee???? 😦
K. Chill.


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