Whatnot Diary: Sweets etc.

Last night I had a dream. But I forgot.

So this Cirque Internationale really gave a challenge to my height. I realized I will never have a chance of survival in a crowd of 5’4 and above. Its so depressing. I thought I could give it a shot today but I SUPER FAILED LIKE 10 times. (And I just accidentally pressed backspace while typing this and thank gad all the texts are still here when I backspaced again T_T..)
This day is so full of disappointments that excludes my frappe spilling like hurricane in the jeep but I do hope my picture spam won’t bore you O_O.

Yes the FRAPPE. That cake is Choco Banana by the way.

NOTE to BAN: Your cake’s color is awful I can’t edit it decently =_=. And the taste …
What is this cake again? LOL I forgot.

Close up Choco Banana. Just MY cake. Never mind the OTHER cake. >:}

Pastries. The cakes are actually good. Tastes like, cake you know >:}

Yummy cookie jars.
I like this one. With all efforts and everything. Thank You Ban for the err, support.

Aside from all the cake mania (the cakes were only cover ups /LOL) we had this afternoon, I get to hear new and not so new unresolved issues between me and aused-to-be-my-very-good/close-friend. It’s just sad that Christmas is like 2 blocks away now and I still have this kind of its-so-hard-to-say-sorry things.
Give love on Christmas. Yeah. Only happens in movies and song lyrics.

I was surprised that my intestines gave up on me and my gluttonous powers were not actually working that I had a left over.

I wish I could a have a record of me spilling that frappe /hahaha.


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