Whatnot Diary: Packages and Presents.

One thing that keeps me from not hating Christmas is presents /LOL. Seriously though, its not like everyday I get to have presents or you get to have or do you??!!! O_O :(. I always give presents to MYSELF. And it was recently, funny how I made it wrapped and the sales lady was like “You get to ask yourself honey, ‘I wonder what’s this?’ ” then we both laughed. Funny lady, weird me. :

I’m not good with gifts.

A butterfly necklace bought from a favorite online shop. LolitaVirus.
Its beautiful in personal despite of being ‘just’ black its very elegant looking.

Also bought from the same shop.

My fangs bought from My Little Prince Shop. Consists of 2 sets, a short one which is ideal for cosplays like Rin Okumura and a like.
The longer fangs is more on Vampire characters, or most likely Draculas. The 2nd one is really long its awkward to wear. O

Will be hunting again tomorrow for additional gifts and hopefully will be able to get my Vampire Academy books from a friend.

To friend, please, bring it. Okey? Good.

And I promise to clean my room tonight. Im outta here.


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