Review: Coraline. The Other "other”.

My favorite line, “The other mother”. When I woke this morning my eyes were buttons in peach shade.

Anyways, I wasn’t expecting the book to arrive till tomorrow but it did /lol. More surprisingly, my father was the one who delivered it to me personally O_o (which is a rare phenomenon you know. Very rare, like you find aliens sleeping under your bed..) … Now this is my Movie Collectors Edition of Coraline by Neil Gaiman.

Everything about Coraline is perfect (for me). Not because Dakota Fanning (oh I adore her) voiced her. Probably not everyone but I know a lot including myself (but not that much) that somehow due to family issues (parent-child issues to be exact), we somehow wish to have “The Other family” or “The perfect family” in-yes-its-better-to-understand-term. But in the end you’ll just realize that there’s no place like home. (Why do I get so emotional with family topics /sob).  And one more thing, I cannot disregard the fact that I also owe this to my good friend Mac for sharing about Coraline. 🙂

Here’s our author. Author of many works, mostly children story books (and adults as well). He’s most epic work (I’m sure about that) is The Sandman which I’ll be sharing sooner is one heaven of a read as well. My book’s edition includes colorful shots from the Motion Picture.  The movie itself is very good. Must watch I’d say. Cool animation I wanna cry. Cool. Cool.

Coraline’s cinematography is a mixture of eerie, mysterious and mist-field OMG-I-Must-Watch-this. (If those adjectives apply to your personality >:}..)

I’d give this movie a 4.5/5 star rating. I’ll be expecting my Coraline doll in January and I can’t wait T_T.. And so my “other mother” is calling. Happy watching (and reading).

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